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Welcome to B'More Saucy

A Baltimore, MD (B'More Proud) pepper sauce company focused on handcrafting healthy and unique alternatives to "the norm."

Small Batch Brewed

We source our ingredients and brew our products the “old fashioned” way. Shockingly, it's “old school” to hand pick your ingredients and cook your product by hand. No conveyer belts, industrial cooking kettles, or artificial preservatives. Can you imagine a food production process that doesn't require HUMANS? We can't! Yes it takes time, yes it’s hard work, and yes it's probably not the most cost effective production process, but hey... I guess we're just stuck in our ways.

How It All Began

The recipe for our signature product, Bayside Pepper Sauce, originated in 2005 and was born from a desire to find a more flavorful alternative to “hot sauce.” Now you ask, well isn’t this “hot sauce?” Call it what you want, but our focus is on developing flavor that becomes a part of your meal, not heat that simply sits on top. Fine tuned through countless tailgating events, family barbecues, birthday parties, and endless tastings, we can't take all the credit...the feedback and support from friends and family over the years helped craft the Bayside Pepper Sauce recipe and inspired our company, B’More Saucy LLC.

We're Social

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Straight out of the bottle or used in a recipe, this is some seriously good sauce! We can't wait to have you cranking out cases in the incubator.