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Saving the Bay, One Little Pearl Sauce at a Time

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Saving the Bay, One Little Pearl Sauce at a Time

Hey Saucy Friends! We’re so excited to dish about the newest member of the B’More Saucy Family: Little Pearl Hot Sauce . We introduced her this fall at Ryleigh’s Oyster Fest  because she pairs perfectly with oysters. Now, we’re here to share the rest of her story! We’re donating 15% of the proceeds from Little Pearl Hot Sauce to the Chesapeake BaySavers. The partnership was announced this past weekend at the Chesapeake BaySavers inaugural Shells & Bells fundraiser. It was a great night that forged many new friendships and generated lots of love for the Bay.

So, who are the Chesapeake BaySavers and why are we giving back to them? For starters, The Chesapeake BaySavers is an Annapolis-based environmental nonprofit with a mission to restore the health of the Chesapeake Bay through legislative efforts, community outreach, hands-on restoration work, and environmental education programs for youth. This resonates with us because we’ve lived in close proximity to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed for most of our lives. The founders of Chesapeake BaySavers  and B'More Saucy know that oysters can do a great deal of work in helping to revitalize and replenish the Chesapeake Bay. This is because of the natural water cleansing process which occurs as a result of oysters living in the bay. Did you know that one adult oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water in one day – which means a fully functioning oyster bed can filter up to 20,000 gallons a day! (Source: Chesapeake BaySavers)

So, join us! Buy Little Pearl Hot Sauce, use the sauce on oysters- or really, on anything you would typically put hot sauce on- recycle your oyster shells (places like Whole Foods Market or most local seafood spots will take them back!) and spread the word. We’re so committed to these efforts and we’d love for you to jump on board. The hot sauce is perfect for a stocking stuffer, so head to our shop (link to shop) to stock up.

Where do you enjoy oysters?? We love Dylan’s Oyster Cellar in Hampden, and we’ll be there on December 16th for their Holiday Bazaar. We’d love to share more information with you on all things B’More Saucy, Chesapeake Bay related and of course oysters!

Stay saucy!

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